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Music Producer David Chamberlin

DBW Productions is a private recording studio located in the Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills, CA. Operated by Music Producer David Chamberlin, DBW is equipped to take your basic song idea and turn it into an amazing sounding production, no band needed! We've been producing Singer/Songwriters and bands since 1995! We are slowly allowing in-person sessions. For safety reasons we're allowing up to 2 people in the studio and are scheduling shorter sessions. We also require proof of vaccination (we're vaccinated) as well as the use of masks while being in common spaces such as the control room.

Call: 818.884.0808

The Studio

Designed by renowned LA Studio Architect Jack Edwards and tuned by acoustician Bob Hodas, DBW offers 4 rooms; a "tuned" control room, large 25'x25' live room with 10' ceiling, vocal booth and mid sized lobby/both. All have views into the control room for great eye contact. We're proud to use Logic Pro X but also offer Pro Tools 12, Digital Performer 11 and Reason 11. Mic choices range from the mighty Peluso 2247LE to the Royer R122 and A/D conversion is handled by the amazing UAD Apollo X16! We also feature Neve, API, UA and A Designs Mic Pres. With Dave manning the helm you're guaranteed great results.


Since 1995 we've produced 1000s of songs in all styles. In addition to being a vocalist and expert composer, Dave plays many instruments including Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Dobro, Bass, Keyboards, Sax, Clarinet and Harmonica. The studio is equipped with a 10 core iMac with 128 gbs of ram and a vast sample library. We can easily pitch correct vocals and help orchestrate your entire project. Here are just a few examples of our work.


Below you'll find a very small sample of some of our client's work.


If you like guitar (and who doesn't…) here you'll find a ton of demo songs I wrote and produced featuring the amazing guitar amplifier, the Kemper Profiler. For each song I generally spent around 3 hours composing, recording and mixing it. Enjoy!

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Please contact us to set up a consultation. We look forward to creating some awesome music together!