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Who We Are

DBW Productions Recording Studio Los Angeles

David Chamberlin at work
DBW Productions Recording Studio, run by music producer David Chamberlin, is located in the Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills, the studio features a large acoustically tuned control room, large performance room and 2 additional iso booths. The big room has a nice live sound perfect for any instrument and the control room is completely silent, thanks to a separate machine room.

Attention to detail

We're obsessed with making high quality recordings! We eat, sleep and breath music and are constantly improving our equipment and our skills. We use Apple Logic Pro X, Digital Performer 7 and Pro Tools 10 in combination with the Apogee Symphony System to achieve world class recording quality. But, the most important thing we offer is our 20+ years of recording experience and our 40 years of being a musician! We have the skills and experience to help coach you into delivering your best performance possible. But don't take our word for it. Go to our Indy CD page where you'll see plenty of folks who have made DBW Productions their home base and read some of their testimonials. We look forward to working with you soon and helping you achieve your musical dreams.Whether your project is a one song demo or a full length CD, DBW uses cutting edge technology and state-of-the -art equipment to achieve the highest quality sound at competitive prices! Visit our Studio Blog for up to date news

What We Do

Our specialty is full production services for Singer/Songwriters.

So, you have a great song and can carry a tune but you don't have a band and don't know how to record. Now what? Well, you've come to the right place! DBW is your one stop shop for producing your demo or CD project. Most all production can be done "in house". This includes expert guitar and bass guitar playing, keyboard and drum programming, lead and backing vocals and even live drums! Using the DBW rhythm section we've produced many CD's for artists giving them a real band sound.

If you need great production then you've come to the right place! Read our FAQ to learn more.

Meet Dave

David Chamberlin | Songwriter | Music Producer | Engineer

Dave has been making music since the age of 5, first starting on guitar and piano and finally on clarinet. Playing the Ohio bar scene at the tender age of 16 Dave ended up relocating to Florida with the band "Dorian Gray" (their drummer was Jani Lane, front man for Warrant). Dave wound up in LA and graduated from Musician's Institute with a degree in advanced guitar playing. While being a full time guitar teacher for 8 years, Dave "stumbled into" recording and decided to make that his main profession. Well, it's now been 14 years since DBW Productions first opened it's doors and Dave has produced countless artists and over 70 Indy CD projects!


You record it, we'll mix it!

With the advent of today's home studios, a lot of musicians now have a home studio, which is great. But the thing they don't have is a tuned control room and (more importantly) the experience to do a professional mix. That's where DBW comes in. We can take your self produced tracks and give them a professional mix and even master them so that they sound comparable to today's modern recordings. We'll arrange for you to send us your tracks either via internet (ftp) or the mail on a cd or dvd data disc and will walk you through the process in terms of file formats, etc. We can open native Garage Band, Logic, Digital Performer, Pro Tools and Reaper files. But, it's easy enough for us to work with any DAW format if the tracks are all bounced down correctly. Give your home recording a more professional sound with the help of DBW!
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Custom music for your multimedia project.

Styles range from mellow acoustic guitar music to full orchestration. How about a place to record voice over or to replace dialog? Maybe you need a custom theme for your podcast? You'll love our clean, comfortable facility.
Past clients include:
• Greg Fitzsimmons
• Comedy Central
• EMA Multimedia
• TVN Entertainment
• Cohn Wolfe PR firm
• Coke
Zack Galifinakis and Dave


This Just In!

Guitarist Paul Weitz and vocalist Donna Deussen have finished their amazing sounding jazz CD! This CD features their fabulous arrangements of some known standards. The other musicians include: Gus Duffy-drums, Matt Van Benschoten-bass, Geoff Nudell-clarinet and flute, and Wayne Wayne-alto sax.

We've just added a new beast of a computer. It's a Mac Pro 2.66 12 core and it is fast! Along with offering a state of the art machine we continue to invest in the latest and greatest software and plugins. Also just added is the fabulous Kemper Profling Amplifier. The Kemper can capture and guitar tone from a real amp and then store it for later use. It comes with 100's of great guitar amp sounds and has allowed me to "profile" my existing amp collection. In english this means I have some killer new guitar sounds available for my productions!

Long time client, Paul McCallum (son of NCIS's David McCallum) is all done with CD #2. Here's some live footage from a recent recording session here at DBW featuring Tom Buckneer on tenor sax and Domenic Genova on bass.

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"David !! I just listened to the whole thing. The changes, the little tweaks, the sound of the vocals, WOW ! I can not imagine it being any better. You said it was pretty much what I’d been listening to? Wrong,…..It’s so much better!"
- Charles C. Brown, (after hearing the final mixes for his new CD)

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"All I have to say is that Dave Chamberlin is the Doctor! What you want is what you get. Guitars, bass, vocals, drums-he's the ultimate one man band, engineer, and producer. I can't wait to do my next album with him!"
- Marko Tudic, singer/songwriter

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"I love working with this guy! He's fast, fun, and consistently puts out great product. Dave has a fine sensitivity for what a song needs and he plays so fine. I very highly recommend him to songwriters at every level."
- Hunter Payne,singer/songwriter

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Thanks again for doing such a FANTASTIC job on such short notice. I love your guitar-playing and I love your engineering ability. The result is exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

- Howard Richman, Composer
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Laura Browne Sorenson
Marilyn Drive
Laura Browne Sorenson
Miles Through the Night
Miles Through the Night
The Browne Sisters


Zack Galifinakis
Zach Galifianaki
(from the movie "The Hangover")
filming a show for Comedy Central!

Paul Jackson Jr.
(from The Tonight Show band)
filming videos for Exotic FX.

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